Products purchased from Auto Air Warehouse include a Limited One Year Warranty. Alleged defective products must be returned to Auto Air Warehouse within 1 year from the date of purchase. Products should be packaged and returned in the original box, if available. A copy of the original sales receipt must be included with the product as verification of the date of purchase. Proof of purchase for an accumulator/receiver-drier must also be provided in order to receive compressor warranty.

Warranty Limitations


Your order should be inspected upon arrival. Advise the carrier if the package is damaged. Please contact us by email or phone within 24 hours of receipt, if you receive a damaged package. Keep the original box and all packaging materials. The box and packaging materials will be used for return of your core.


Our warranty is limited to replacement or repair of defective products within 360 days of invoice. A copy of the invoice must be provided with return of the alleged defective product.


We do NOT warrant the proper application and installation of the purchased product and/or the competence of the installer. We assume no liability and will NOT pay for any consequential damages including but not limited to labor, damage, towing and/or injury claims arising from the installation or use of our products. The Limited Warranty does not apply if defects are caused by negligence after purchase, misuse, misapplication, collision or other accidents, or any unauthorized or unreasonable use including, but not limited to improper installation.


We neither assume nor authorize any person, agent, distributor, dealer, service facility or company to change, modify, supplement or amend our limited warranty or assume any warranty or liability in connection with the remanufacturing, sale, shipment or use of our products. Nor do we authorize any other person, service facility or company to make any qualitative determination as to the fitness of our products. Except and to the extent provided in our limited warranty, we make no expressed or unexpressed warranty regarding our product.




Auto Air Warehouse expressly disclaims all liability for damages of any kind resulting from the purchase, use, or misuse or our product(s), including incidental, consequential or similar damages, or loss of profits, or any damages arising out of tort or fault.

This Limited Warranty shall not extend to anyone other than the original purchaser of our products.